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Who had a better off-season: Bulls or Knicks?

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Posted by dizisjonzsn | 6 years ago

Bulls. The Knicks spent the last two years waiting for LeBron and another Max FA to come to them and they end up with Amare and Raymond Felton. D'Antoni just made a copy of his old Suns team. The Knicks had great expectation and fell short in the FA class of 2010.

My Side: Bulls
Posted by brady712 | 6 years ago

I'm going to have to go with the Bulls. They now have one of the best starting lineups in the league now. Carlos Boozer is a top big man in the league and can help guard Bosh, Garnett, and maybe even Dwight. Kurt Thomas gives them experience, leadership, and another big man. Kyle Korver is a great replacement for Kirk Hinrich. Overall, Chicago had a better offseason.

My Side: Bulls
Posted by phildcat | 6 years ago

Cause they were so bad we don't have to suffer with them any more!

My Side: Knicks
Posted by mac818 | 6 years ago


My Side: Knicks
Posted by thechief | 6 years ago

Because they picked up more productive players.

My Side: Bulls
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago

The Knicks because they didn't play any games

My Side: Knicks
Posted by 1&Only | 6 years ago

Chicago added key additional pieces to fit around their core players of Rose, Noah and Deng. With the addition of three good veteran players with playoff experience (Boozer, Brewer, Thomas, Korver), I think Chicago will give the Heat, Celtics, and Magic a tough time. New York is starting over with a big name (Amari) to sell tickets....36-40 wins for Knicks this coming season.

My Side: Bulls
Posted by ryanlieberman | 6 years ago

Bulls had a shot at D-Wade and LBJ, end up with just Boozer. Not bad, but Knicks get Felton and Amare, gunna run it like the D'Antoni Suns, going to be good. If D'Antoni can make Duhon out for Felton, cuz hes much better. Knicks will be playoff team next year

My Side: Knicks
Posted by One Way | 6 years ago

New York, a 500 team. Chicago, a little better. I just hope Carmelo stays in Denver.

My Side: Bulls
Posted by bchester | 6 years ago

The Knicks will be the more improved team (only because they've been so pathetic in recent years), but the Bulls will be a far superior team in 2011.

My Side: Bulls
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Posted by Duranimal | 6 years ago
Why give a opinion if you dont care.
Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago
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