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Who will be the team leader on the Miami Heat: Dwayne Wade or LeBron James?

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1 Dwayne Wade
2 LeBron James
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Posted by bchester | 6 years ago

LeBron is a great player, one of the greatest of all time, but far from a great leader. In fact, he's a straight up clown. What kind of leader dances on the sidelines during a game? The only reason he was the leader in Cleveland was because he was by far their best players. Now he's in Miami with Dwade, an equal on the court, and a far superior leader off it.

My Side: Dwayne Wade
Posted by Duranimal | 6 years ago

I know Dwayne Wade has the experience in being a team leader, but LeBron will step up to the plate. I hope it dosen't cause conflict on the team. You just never know. This is a good question.

My Side: LeBron James
Posted by brady712 | 6 years ago

This is Dwades team and it always will be. LeBron knows that and just wants to win a ship. Dwade who in my opinion has a better jump shot, is going to have the ball in crunch time.

My Side: Dwayne Wade
Posted by zekenyc | 6 years ago

he's a better court leader and it his team

My Side: Dwayne Wade
Posted by OKLAKID | 6 years ago

Bigger, stronger, tougher.

My Side: LeBron James
Posted by KillerBuzz | 6 years ago

Point guard leads the team.

My Side: LeBron James
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago

It was D-Wades team but I can't see LeBron James being second fiddle to anyone1

My Side: Dwayne Wade
Posted by lkklkk | 6 years ago


My Side: LeBron James
Posted by One Way | 6 years ago

It was Wade's team.

My Side: LeBron James
Posted by JOHNCALIGUIRE | 6 years ago

Wade by a landslide, LeBron may be the better basketball talent but talent does not mean "LEADER". A leader leads by example on and off the court, puts personal stats aside and does whats good for the team and someday Lebron will grow up and be a leader but first has be to shown how and Wade will do that. If not then Bosh better be a great ref! or we may see Kobe/Shaq all over again.

My Side: Dwayne Wade
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