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Posted by OKLAKID | 6 years ago

The thorphy was won on the field, not but any pay off.

My Side: MAYBE
Posted by zekenyc | 6 years ago

He earn it on the field thats why it was giving to him reguardless

My Side: YES
Posted by tomseahawk | 6 years ago

He should definitely get to keep the trophy. He easily out distanced himself from all competitors on the field. What happened off the field shouldn't matter. I feel the same about Pete Rose, there are so many athletes doing much worst that Pete and Reggie

My Side: YES
Posted by beeps1997 | 6 years ago

What happened on the field had nothing to do with what happened off the field.

My Side: NO
Posted by thechief | 6 years ago

He broke the rules.

My Side: NO
Posted by SmilinBryan | 6 years ago

Because he KNEW what he was getting into before we went to the University of Spoiled Children. C'mon, how many of you think he DIDN'T know that his family was getting a nice home upgrade, not to mention he was driving a brand new Escalade? Sure, no red flags there, right? What a joke, but $C's been doing that for decades (see - Simpson, OJ).

My Side: NO
Posted by treyster | 6 years ago

who really cares. NCAA is out of control.

My Side: YES
Posted by Duranimal | 6 years ago

Give it back!!!!

My Side: NO
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago

He's a cheat and his former coach is a liar!!

My Side: NO
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  • Debate Closed: December 31, 2010 @ 11PM ET
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