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Posted by MYT Sports |2 hours ago
@DanGuz - We had an issue sending out confirmation and results emails. It should be corrected now. If you don't receive those emails, please contact us.
Posted by MYT Sports |2 hours ago
@Possum - You should be able to enter points now. Thanks for your patience!
Posted by Possum |6 days ago
Still can't spend my Rewards points.
Posted by DanGuz |14 days ago
How come they stopped sending out confirmation emails?
It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last received a confirmation email.
No confirmation emails for when I make my picks and no confirmation email for the results.
Posted by albymetevier |26 days ago
Dale Jr isn't Dale Sr, that is for sure! His dad needs to come back to life kick his son in. The nuts and say grow up, now win.
Posted by bboop |2 months ago
Congrats, St. Patrick! Going to be can awesome season!
Posted by RAIDER CLARK |5 months ago
Posted by St. Patrick |5 months ago
Congratulations to St. Patrick for being #1 in a 1000 pickers in NASCAR. That's me! I've been doing this for 15 years and once reached #2. Number 2 Bradko beat me by four points on Sunday and probably mistakenly hit Kurt Busch instead of Kyle Busch or he would have been closer. Make Your Take does a good job with statistics but doesn't do much to honor the winners.The main prize is satisfaction that your good guesses show that you are a saavy sports fan. I started this years ago by trying to "Beat Jerry Green" in the Orlando Sentinel with NFL picks. My wife wonders why I do this every day. I don't know, but I really have enjoyed being #1 in one sport for the last six weeks. Only three months to the next Daytona 500!
Posted by bboop |5 months ago
I think Johnson does it, too
Posted by ALBYM101 |5 months ago
Jimmy Johnson year!