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Posted by s. lee |11 hours ago
hey sports dudette you are clueless....
Posted by TheSportsDude |1 day ago
They said "Go Bite The Melon" you jobbers!
Posted by s. lee |5 days ago
go back to 9/11 and read what they said about the ballot...
Posted by Richwun |6 days ago
Why did they include the second Cleveland game in the balloting on 9/11 and then not count it on the final ballot??? What is going on with these guys!!!
Posted by thegreek1217 |13 days ago
i can't even pick my nose lately dropping quickly
Posted by robkadena |15 days ago
Yeah, but I cannot seem to catch you on the board, Go Kings Go!!!
Posted by tollx26 |26 days ago
Oh yeah, but he wasn't there 3 days ago!!...Good luck to all, from somebody who's getting killed in baseball!!
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! |28 days ago
Gotta give props to robkadena also. Two years in a row competing at the top. Nice job Rob! Keep it up!
Posted by s. lee |28 days ago
thank you
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! |29 days ago
Thx tollx. S.Lee has been knocking it out of the park all year. Well done! Good luck to all.