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Posted by Go Kings Go!!! |1 month ago
Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball and he is only 26. He is such a joy to watch!
Posted by tollx26 |1 month ago
Congrats to Clayton Kershaw on his superb no hitter!!....15 strikeouts, Filthy nasty breaking ball!!
Posted by MYT Sports |3 months ago
This Pro Baseball wall is for users to discuss MLB games, teams and standings. If users have technical questions related to the website, they should contact us at our support email address: support at makeyourtake dot com. We will respond to users as quickly as possible. @SavemeY2J - we contacted you yesterday via email. @MUFFINBUTTS - we will contact you via email.
Posted by MYT Sports |3 months ago
@s. lee - Please send an email to our support at makeyourtake dot com account. We will look into this for you.
Posted by geniec |3 months ago
Thank you!
Posted by MYT Sports |3 months ago
We apologize for the glitch this afternoon. The ballots are all live now.
Posted by dd820 |3 months ago
Hey TOPGUN23, where are you?
Posted by MYT Sports |3 months ago
@az4huskers - We are still sending out ballot confirmation and ballot results emails. We are looking into this to see why some users are not receiving our emails.
Posted by az4huskers |3 months ago
MYT - do you no longer send confirmation and results emails?
Posted by GJCIV |3 months ago
Auto LOGIN IN isn't working right we go again.................