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Posted by Garthe |9 days ago
Why my deadline say 7:00 p.m. Los Angeles Angels play Toronto, Today at 1:00 p.m. That's the problem that everybody did not get their pick and will not score a point.
Posted by tollx26 |14 days ago
I got "Down Time" once!!
Posted by s. lee |17 days ago
I see I got poofed for saying a 4 yr. old was running myt.. js
Posted by tollx26 |18 days ago
Shame, I know alotta you guys & gals are good at picking MLB!!...Maybe the hamster that powers this thing was late for work!!...Hang in there!!
Posted by godux |18 days ago
They must have gone to GMT
Posted by Noleman1 |18 days ago
6 games locked out and there was still time !
Please fix !
Posted by s. lee |18 days ago
I posted 30 minutes ago and it says 4 hrs. ago. WHAT time zone are you using MYT? also the first 3 games are in 40 minutes.
Posted by geniec |18 days ago
What's the deal? The games haven't even started yet.

Posted by BretMaverick |18 days ago
Now the first 6 games are locked out before any have started. It is only 12:22 back east right now and unable to make picks for those games at this time.
Posted by s. lee |18 days ago
MYT you locked us out of the first 3 games. Games have not even started yet. more than 2 hours away. also why no score updates. ty