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Posted by dragster |11 days ago
Once again the site was down yesterday and I had yet again another DNP F.U!
Posted by dragster |1 month ago
Make up your freaking mind, are we going to be able to make our picks late in the evening or do we have to wait for the next day. This cost me a DNP on my baseball picks a couple of days ago!
Posted by evilmonkey |1 month ago
Where's the new raffle??
Posted by MYT Sports |1 month ago
The scoring on 4-26 has been corrected.
Posted by s. lee |1 month ago
MYT check your scoring on 4-26.. twins/Indians game is wrong.......
When do we get to spend our rewards ?
Posted by STEELERDAVE47 |2 months ago
You have made a mistake in the Twins/Indians game from last night...April 26th. I had the Twins to win, which they did...but you said that Cleveland won the game.
Posted by az4huskers |8 months ago
Thanks S. Lee - came up a few short on the overall standings, but a good year. Now just looking for hockey, but it's nowhere to be seen yet.
Posted by s. lee |8 months ago
congrats az4huskers.i won last year and glad you won.
Posted by us22 |8 months ago
Thanks for congrats! And thanks to all who played!!

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