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Posted by jacob23222 |9 days ago
Posted by 1superstar |10 days ago
ok, s lee you won the 1st half. so, miss 2 days of picking and see if you can win the 2nd half.
Posted by McKenna1 |27 days ago
Mets second half unbeatable 2016
Posted by MYT Sports |3 months ago
The scoring on 4-26 has been corrected.
Posted by s. lee |3 months ago
MYT check your scoring on 4-26.. twins/Indians game is wrong.......
Posted by |3 months ago
When do we get to spend our rewards ?
Posted by STEELERDAVE47 |3 months ago
You have made a mistake in the Twins/Indians game from last night...April 26th. I had the Twins to win, which they did...but you said that Cleveland won the game.
Posted by az4huskers |9 months ago
Thanks S. Lee - came up a few short on the overall standings, but a good year. Now just looking for hockey, but it's nowhere to be seen yet.
Posted by s. lee |9 months ago
congrats az4huskers.i won last year and glad you won.
Posted by us22 |10 months ago
Thanks for congrats! And thanks to all who played!!