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Posted by s. lee |2 hours ago
Well another TBA again on miss your take'
Posted by laynee1 |3 hours ago
what has happened to the website. I am having to do a google Arizona ballot since the web url gets an error condition.
Posted by MVP#30 |3 days ago
I keep getting "TBA" for the last three days, please update the f@#$%in' results!

Posted by SavemeY2J |3 days ago
So, what happened... and what is happening? I haven't made picks in how many days because the website was down... except just now when I did a search on what was going on with this website, one of the results led me to a link to the website that is apparently working just fine. Even now, I look at the message board and no one working here has said a single thing about any of this. You know how many people's season scores you just destroyed in multiple categories, yes?
Posted by GOLDENBEAR |3 days ago
I think the scoring in the contests is fine...for many days they now have me ranked as "TBA", which I understand to mean "Total Bad A**"! Sounds good to me, LOL! GB
Posted by mrmotion2000 |3 days ago
Why aren't the picks updated daily???? TBA now for three (3) days in a row....
Posted by john rowell |4 days ago
baseball picks were not available the other day. anybody working there?
Posted by john rowell |4 days ago
for the past 3-4 days I've been getting programming error.
Posted by john rowell |4 days ago
why is it that we are not getting our results daily?
Posted by Whirly Birdy |4 days ago