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Posted by MYT Sports |19 days ago
Due to extended site maintenance this morning (4/8/15), we removed the two early games from the baseball ballot on 4/8/15. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Posted by RW-(the original) |20 days ago
Those seem like some solid picks. At least for the eventual top of the leaderboard! Good luck everybody
Posted by TOPGUN23 ! |20 days ago
DD820 : Are you going with the bazmaniac failed method ? You have all the home teams today / contest day #2. Seems like a BAD IDEA early in the season... See you near the top eventually with podstock, robkadena, RWTO & myself TOPGUN23 etc....
Posted by steverk561 |22 days ago
Posted by s. lee |6 months ago
I like the giants..
Posted by tollx26 |6 months ago
S. Lee, what's your Series pick??
Posted by zorro88 |7 months ago
Seeing as there will be no World Series title in Boston, or thankfully New York this year, I hope it is a "subway type" series between Baltimore and Washington. Nice to see other teams in the mix this year.
Posted by tollx26 |7 months ago
I feel ya, DD820....My baseball season came down to cheering for a Little League team called the Taney Dragons, cause the Phillies mailed in their season. Hang in there, we'll get em next year!!
Posted by dd820 |7 months ago
tollx26... am doing a little better than you, but not by much. Has been a tough year for me making pics this year. Have never been out of the top 5 in all the years I've been playing, but..... Good luck S. Lee, and to all the top 10.
Posted by tollx26 |7 months ago
Now ya know why I'm # 321 !!....BTW the way, Good luck to the Top Ten & remember "There's no Cryin in Baseball"!!