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Posted by Possum |1 month ago
Rewards page only shows my points total and a link to view winners.
Anybody else have any ideas?
Guess I just need to click the Contact Us link at the bottom.
Posted by Capncrash GO GATORS!!! |1 month ago
I like the fact we are not getting emails. I thought a month ago they missed my picks, but now I think it was my mistake.Look for your results in your stats seems better than a bunch of emails and you spend more time at this site.
Now if they would figure out a way to localize the contest into sections of the country so we could see the old familiar names we used to compete against, that would be GREAT !!
Just my 2 cents or take Cheers and Good Luck everyone !!
Posted by Irishmen |1 month ago
Go to Main page then click Rewards.
Posted by Possum |1 month ago
I haven't had any for a couple years!
How do we use points for Rewards? There's never any prizes listed.
Posted by animalheckplus |1 month ago
about a week.... none
Posted by evilmonkey |1 month ago
Am I the only one not getting confirmation or results e mails?
Posted by animalheckplus |1 month ago
have a snickers mike
Posted by mike supernak |1 month ago
Thanks for not posting my results the last 3 days . YOU must really be upset with me-tough sh t.It goes to show how worthless you are.
Posted by mike supernak |1 month ago
What is wrong with you idiots; we have to stay up til midnight to get the next day ballots.
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
Let's give a big shout out this year to. The Boston Celtics!