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It's time to make your picks
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Posted by albymetevier |20 days ago
Seattle, NewEngland, Arizona, Dallas, Pittsburgh, NYGiants all are the team to beat, watch out for Seattle and dallas
Posted by bboop |1 month ago
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
If u get errors , try using a different browser, use google then chrome and then frefox and if don't work try puffin
Posted by bboop |1 month ago
Anybody having trouble accessing picks? Getting server error in Application message
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
Jacksonville Jaguars need for the owner to Sell and not be involved in football at all and they need some cash to get some good picks and drafts. New coach possibly and a new place to play, even with a pool they can't sell out
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
Jacksonville Jags. Need a new place to play, end of story.
Posted by tarheelfan |1 month ago
@Alengineer, that same crap happen to me too. Do we see us winning the case. A lawyer cost
a lot of money
Posted by alengineer |2 months ago
I don't understand why my picks don't always feel obligated to win when I select them to do that.alengineer
Posted by findley logger |2 months ago
Dallas in for a big game this week......Da Bears are Da Worst!
Posted by angelo marano |2 months ago
at least the G men are not doing like they did last year,this year they are playing with their heads not their you no what. GO GAINTS.