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It's time to make your picks
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Posted by michellemetevier |2 days ago
go patriots
Posted by Alby Metevier II |4 days ago
Go New England!
Posted by SACowboysFan |5 days ago


Posted by DERBEEED |5 days ago
Posted by MYT Sports |8 days ago
We apologize for the early ballot closing this morning. If you were unable to submit your Week 6 picks this morning, please send an email to support @ It appears the vast majority of users had already submitted their picks, but we want to make sure we communicate with any user who did not submit picks.
Posted by ArrDoubleU |8 days ago
The vast majority of users had submitted their picks because they have no choice if they want to play the Thursday game. If they're like me they don't pay any attention to the other picks until Sunday morning. I just mark all the home teams on Thursday and then go back in on Sunday to make my actual picks.
Posted by albymetevier |10 days ago
I said it from week one, Seattle will repeat and most likely Denver against them in another Superbowl, for one more year before Seattle has to satisfy a salary cap and goodbye to a ton of players, then a chance for Denver to win one, or San Fran. im hoping new England but they always trade their start players and it upsets me.
Posted by ohchar2 |12 days ago
Watch out EAGLES Fly!!!!!


Posted by dmz |14 days ago
Foxboro Boys Rule!!
Posted by albymetevier |15 days ago
GO Patriots, & Seahawks!