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Posted by REDPATS |3 months ago
patriots have got to be one of the best teams in pro sports a comeback lie that you may never witness again i have seen every superbowl played and this was the best bar none
Posted by albymetevier |4 months ago
Texas, Seattle , GreenBay, Pittsburgh for wild card weekend
Posted by carl ludwig |4 months ago
If it does end up New England & Dallas in superbowl,,, will be taking wife & box Kleenex to chick flick that night !!!
Posted by Albym101gmail |5 months ago
Giants season is over, their dynasty is over, now it's Dallas and New England
Posted by alau53 |5 months ago
in 4 days the giants season will just begin ..wins against the lions and eagles will put them in great shape..however 2 losses and the gmen probably wont make the playoffs
Posted by Alby Metevier |5 months ago
Cleveland Browns need a new everything! They should change their uniforms colors and create something cool, like two shades of brown. Or change the Browns name to something else like Cavaliers, lol or move to Jacksonville and Jacksonville move to Cleveland , switch up! Then it would be the Cleveland Jaguars! Sounds good, Jacksonville should fold up and just do college games. Or get a hockey team, also why doesn't tampabay have a basketball pro team?
Posted by albymetevier |6 months ago
Seattle, NewEngland, Arizona, Dallas, Pittsburgh, NYGiants all are the team to beat, watch out for Seattle and dallas
Posted by bboop |6 months ago
Posted by albymetevier |6 months ago
If u get errors , try using a different browser, use google then chrome and then frefox and if don't work try puffin
Posted by bboop |6 months ago
Anybody having trouble accessing picks? Getting server error in Application message

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