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Posted by sportsfan2008 |1 day ago

*** is Closing Effective May 31, 2017***

We would like to thank our extremely loyal community for your participation over the years! After thousands of pick’em games, takes, polls, and more…it’s time to say goodbye.
The MakeYourTake Team
Posted by s. lee |4 days ago
Why do they have this stupid soccer when you can have golf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by john rowell |5 days ago
Why are we not getting our results daily? Very annoying!
Posted by Garthe |11 days ago
Typo! Deadline is May 17, Not May 20!
Posted by albymetevier |1 month ago
Go NewEngland! Does anyone even watch this stupid game? How on earth did soccer become popular when we have real American football that rules! Soccer is so plain and boring, American football is like rugby it's exciting and full of action. Soccer would be good if we let girls play and they play nude, and full cross checking to the body is allowed. If u stick her in a. Hole u get a extra point if she climaxes you get a hat trick.
Posted by dickneeds |5 months ago
See you all next MLS season in March. Happy Holidays
Posted by Al Metevier |5 months ago
Who is everyone picking Seattle or Toronto? For the Championship!
Posted by ALBYM101 |6 months ago
Let's go with all playboy and Penthouse soccer team. So Playboy vs Penthouse vs hustler, I would say penthouse would be the better team especially when we are talking all NUDE SOCCER! Should we have a rugby teams too? Yup
Posted by ChellieMetevier |8 months ago
I would of made a soccer comment but no one cares about soccer in this country, boring!
Posted by ChellieMetevier |8 months ago
Tiger woods only gets better if he became who he was before, a wild pornstar lover by night and super golfer by day