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Posted by NFLfan4Ever |3 days ago
Tollx26 should be TROLL ;)
Posted by tollx26 |4 days ago
Results for 4.24/17, please!!
Posted by MYT Sports |7 days ago
@Pistol-Pete, @floozy - You should be able to enter points now. Thanks for your patience!
Posted by MYT Sports |7 days ago
@mike supernak - Please check your email. Thank you.
Posted by Pistol-Pete |10 days ago
Your system does NOT allow me to spend my points
How come????????????????????????????????
Posted by mike supernak |10 days ago
Wow 12midnight pst no ballots what a surprise.
Posted by mike supernak |10 days ago
I would like to know where my amazon gift card is if Iwon the monthly contest 12/31 15. I never received any notifications.
Posted by tollx26 |12 days ago
Finally received e-mail results & confirmations. Hopefully we'll be able to spend the points soon, too!!
Posted by floozy |13 days ago
how come I cant spend my points again
Posted by Hercules |10 months ago
What a playoff season It was fun and challenging, and although we all lost on game 7 that were battling for the lead, it was a nice 2 month run.

See you next fall.