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Posted by tollx26 |3 days ago
Give em hell, Pooh!!
Posted by MYT Sports |4 days ago
@jcrsm1, @Pistol-Pete, @Possum - You should be able to enter points now. Thanks for your patience!
Posted by jcrsm1 |5 days ago
Why can't we spend our points. It has been that way for over 1 month
Over 1000 now.
Posted by Pistol-Pete |7 days ago
Your system does NOT allow me to spend my points (over 1600 points)
So much for your REWARDS. PLEASE advise what gives??????????
Posted by Possum |14 days ago
Still can't post my points to win anything.
Rewards page just shows my total with a link to view winners.
Posted by Flarikker |10 months ago
Yes....I win......Going to Disney World! hours drive for me! Congrats to sbdolphins also.
Posted by tollx26 |1 year ago
Congrats to ryanaaaa!!.... nice job....Enjoy your trip to Disney World!!
Posted by liveactiondoc |1 year ago
Let's go Chicago win game 2 and bring another championship to Chicago!
Posted by tollx26 |2 years ago
Flyers need prayers, they be in bad shape!!
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! |2 years ago
Yes, Lombardi will retool. They will get some players lost to injury back, They will get rid of the bad seeds and will get some more speed. They will be fine. Losing your 2nd best defenseman (1st on a lot of teams) for the season really hurt, Having one of our best young payers break their leg less than half way through the season on a cheap shot hurt as well. Those problem will not be there next year. Hockey is the hardest sport to repeat in.GKG!