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Air support for Libyan rebels
Do you support the U.S. decision to provide air support to the Libyan rebels?!

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25% (2 Votes)
75% (6 Votes)
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Comments (3)
Posted by TheMockingbird | 6 years ago
I think the Libyan campaign will turn out to be a 'death blow' to the US's shred of respect and inflated reputation on the world stage. Clearing the way for China to economically and possibly with it's massive but ultimately outdated military, to take over the world.
My Vote: No
Posted by dr dunkenstein | 6 years ago
We might not care for Gaddafi, but who and what replaces him? Do we really think the rebels will allow the U.S. to "help" build "their" democracy?
My Vote: No
Posted by dr_domy | 6 years ago
The lybians are not assulting other countries, just people that are revolting. You can bet your rear end that if/wjen the people in the US revolt on that level our govt will be useing everthing at their disposal to stop it.
My Vote: No

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