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Saturday's poll
Is President Barack Obama's new immigration policy a step in the right direction?

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27% (146 Votes)
73% (389 Votes)
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Comments (6)
Posted by Van_The_Man | 4 years ago
I think that this is a step in the WRONG direction.
My Vote: No
Posted by drceevee | 4 years ago
He is only buying votes and this will buy one million or more. Criminal
My Vote: No
Posted by verb19 | 3 years ago
what do you think happens to all those illegals when they become citizens, they begin paying taxes and also wages go up for everybody because you can no longer hire an illegal for 4 or 5 dollars an hour
My Vote: Yes
Posted by TheSportsDude | 3 years ago
He's a jobber!
My Vote: No
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 3 years ago

Just like you!

Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 2 years ago
It's a start
My Vote: Yes
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