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Do we still have the monthly prizes? I had about 95 submissions for the latest $50 Best Buy Gift Card. Do I still have those submissions?
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Answers (12)
Posted by MYT Sports | 4 years ago
Yes, we still have the prizes, and your 95 submissions are included in the drawing this month. When you log in, scroll over the "Quick Links" at the very top right of the page. You will see a menu drop down, and you should click on the "View Rewards" link. There is also a link to the Rewards page from your profile page.
Posted by TheSportsDude | 3 years ago
Posted by DP55 | 3 years ago
no you dont
Posted by mdbell7570 | 3 years ago
Posted by asapReps | 3 years ago
Posted by tomseahawk | 2 years ago
No. Once you put them in you lose them.
Posted by tollx26 | 2 years ago
You're stiffed!!
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 2 years ago
Once tickets are used, they are gone!
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 2 years ago
Did you win?
Posted by clasmorr | 2 months ago
Use it and lose it!
Posted by tollx26 | 2 months ago
An answer from MYT??...The fix is in!!
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 1 month ago

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