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Friar Tebow

what was with the hair??Hazing?Drunken night out? Please explain how a halfway decent young man can go and do something as stupid as this?

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Comments (9)
Posted by dizisjonzsn | 6 years ago
Rookie Hazing. It's been all over ESPN
Posted by Duranimal | 6 years ago
It was a 24 hour thing.
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
It was part of the Broncos hazing their rookies. Some of his teammates look worse.
Posted by thechief | 6 years ago
Rookie Hazing that's all.
Posted by tomseahawk | 6 years ago
At least Tebow didn't hide or get mad at his rookie hazing. He took it in stride and had a good time with it. His play on the field has been the same. he comes in at times and preforms like he has been out tyhere forever. I like the way they are using him sparingly and letting him get used to the play. I think he will have a great future.
Posted by tollx26 | 3 years ago
They're right!!..Hazing!
Posted by 4better | 2 years ago
Hair today, gone tomorrow?
Posted by SPITZNAGEL | 1 year ago
Young people today are hard to understand.
Posted by Van_The_Man | 11 months ago
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