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Military retirement

I see where the military retirement fund is a matter of discussion as a way to help cut federal expenses. I say LEAVE IT ALONE! All who have served 20+ years in the service of our country have earned and deserved the retirement pay promised and the RESPECT of their fellow countrymen.

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Comments (2)
Posted by godux | 3 years ago
Total agreement.
In many ways, military career personnel agreed to take less money than they would have for comparable jobs in the civilian realm. In many cases they also sacrificed some part of what we see as normal family life, pretty much guaranteeing themselves periods of stress. Moving households ranks highly on the list of stresses in life. In return they expected a solid pension and other perks.
Only when we have become so mechanized that we need many fewer people can we consider dropping this agreement for new enlistees. Anyone beyond their first enlistment must be grandfathered in this change. Single enlistment military personnel receive training and job experience which is ample sacrifice for their service, Others leave later, but before retirement, for better opportunities while they are still young enough to provide for their retirement.
Posted by tollx26 | 3 years ago
Gimme a break!!...Political Suicide for whatever politico who endorses this!!
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