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College Football NEEDS a Playoff!!!

Until College Football gets their act together and installs a playoff, they will have no creditability. I've had enough of this BCS crap. Even if they just took the top 4 and had them play down to a winner, it would be better than what we have. So universities, please stop being ignorant, and get this going ASAP!

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Comments (6)
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
The NCAA seems to be tone deaf to anyone talking playoffs. I'd like to have a playoff but as long as the money's rolling in. The NCAA heirarcy won't consider it
Posted by Duranimal | 6 years ago
I would love to see the top 16 play. 1-16, 2-15, 3-14, 4-13, 5-12, 6-11, 7-10, and 8-9. The next round they would continue the play of the highest against the lowest, all the way to the end. No set bracket untill games are all played.
Posted by BroncoFan4ever | 6 years ago
It would be a more exciting if they had a playoff format. Almost like a Super Bowl, but they won't ever change it.
Posted by LBSoWrker | 6 years ago
Its truly embarrassing, the most enjoyed and followed college sport and its champion is not decided by the players, coaches or on the field of play, its "voted" on by writers, computer guys, and graduate assistants (I mean really how many coaches actually fill put their ballot)..almost makes me appreciate soft schedules, and cheap theatrics ("vote for me..I'm pretty too")....ALMOST ...
Posted by bubbaj9 | 6 years ago
When teams like Boise State and TCU go undefeated and don't get a chance to play for the title people are mildly upset, after all who do they play and look at who is in their conference. I think they should get a chance myself, that's what makes March Madness so much fun, the upsets. When a small school beats a highly ranked powerhouse, that's exciting.

I am hoping that Ohio State, Oregon and Michigan State all go undefeated this year and there is outrage that one of these schools, all from BCS conferences, is left out. As a Michigan fan that is hard for me to say, but it might help the powers that be to see that the BCS system is terrible and NCAA football NEEDS a playoff...
Posted by Van_The_Man | 6 years ago
I totally agree with Duranimal. The games could be played at the current bowl sites and the cities would not loose the revenue from the bowl games due to the continued support of the PLAYOFFS! Probably MUCH better turn-out by the fans to see their team move through the playoffs. We could get away from the current MADNESS of 35 bowl games and into reality with 15 PLAYOFF GAMES!
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