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LeBron James 2010 Nike commercial: What Should I Do?

What are your thoughts on the new Nike commercial with LeBron James: What Should I Do?

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Comments (5)
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
'What should you do"??....You should show a little humility and just play basketball!! Today I heard that you were whining about teams getting "chippy" with you and your teammates?! "What should you do}?? MANUP amd get chippy back!!!!
Posted by TheSportsDude | 6 years ago
Lebron is an overated idiot that talks too much.
Posted by greatwall | 6 years ago

James is a best

Posted by northmont | 6 years ago
The man child can't get enough of himself.
Posted by stevej | 4 years ago
He needs to shut his pie hole & just play ball .
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