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The time has come for the states that sponsor or give safe haven to terrorists to own up and stop the madness.
There can be no winners and there are so many natural disasters. Who needs more?

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Comments (6)
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
States/Nations that are proven to provide safe havens for terroists should face economic and humantarian sanctions.
Posted by buckeyeingatorland | 6 years ago
As the old saying goes...." you are either with us or against us." Time to take a stand.
Stop sending millions of our dollars to those who harbor outspoken terrorist groups.
Posted by godux | 2 years ago
As politics must go, those nations will continue to be identifiable, continue to support terrorism, and remain silent. This goes beyond politics or diplomacy and lives in the world or religious extremism, where logic and compromise enter a black hole.
Posted by clasmorr | 2 years ago
Our government must weigh the most serious issue! Have they got oil?
Posted by tollx26 | 2 years ago
They need to step up & stop expecting da good ole U.S.A. to fight their battles for them!! We've supplied the weapons now THEY must use them!!
Posted by tollx26 | 1 year ago
....And this was 5 years ago!!....Jihadist have expanded in Sudan, Yemen,....Eyeing Haiti!!
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