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Wacko repubs

Repubs still want slaves. They want the rich to get richer. They believe in their gods and will kill anybody who disagrees. They all want sarah p., even the women. and i dont mean to vote for. If you had a mass I.Q. test Democrats would easily outdistance the repubs. Did I piss anybody off, or are they too dumb to read?

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Comments (17)
Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
No, you didn't piss me off, Tell me, do you think Obama is a Keynesian, and if you think he is, is that a good thing for our country?
Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago
When you get a brain talk to me, until then keep your stupid, (notice I said stupid instead of ignorant, intelligent people know the difference) piehole closed, Fatcat.
Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
I always do love a good political debate. Weird (although highly origianl) name calling aside, I would like to know what you think about Obama being a Keynesian and it's effect on our country.
Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago

What the heck is a Keynesian? I rest my case about stupid people. Only really intelligent voted for President Obama, the rednecks voted for loser mccain the Russian palin.

Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
That's why they created gooooogle, ruscon. With this handy tool people can now easily figure out economic terms like keynesian vs supply side and decide why this country is screwed under the big government silliness of Obama Reid and Pelosi.
BTW, I thought you wacky libs thought Palin said that she could see Russia from her house, I was unaware that you now thought she is Russian.
Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago

Don't you wish you won the Civil War? All your problems would have been solved.

Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago
BTW if President Obama is not a American than neither is palin.
Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
Are you for real or just a bad parody of liberalism on steroids.
I knew you far left types were made at Obama for pushing the extension of the Bush tax cuts for everyone, but dude...seriously, Obama is as American as apple pie, baseball and the 4th of July. Geez, I was unaware that you folks had turned on him to such an extent.
As for the civil war, I wasn't around back then, but I did have a great great great (plus or minus a couple greats) Grandfather that died trying to keep the country together and to do away with the institution of slavery. His comander in chief...President Lincoln a Republican....
Posted by ruscon | 6 years ago
Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
About what?
Posted by godux | 6 years ago
I'm not sure any reply would make sense to ruscon.. uniformed? ignorant ? Drunk ?. With the statement presented there can be no home for meaningful discussion. I'd use some derogatory metaphor in describing him but I'd just be insulting whatever I'd compare him to. Anything above ground level vocuabulary would have him spending the rest of the day looking for a dictionary, IF he knew what one was.. Have another glas of spiked kool-aid rust can.
Posted by twopac32001 | 6 years ago
what is wrong with the repubs they can't see what the people want. STOP trying to destory are country that you all ready did. You repubs are a bunch a crooks.
Posted by godux | 2 years ago
and the good fairly leaves money under you pillow and Obama has never told a lie
Posted by godux | 2 years ago
When that test is taken you won't be anywhere near the top in either group. Have another drink of Kool-Aid.
Posted by clasmorr | 2 years ago
Typical Liberal argument. Full of pith.
Posted by tollx26 | 2 years ago
Posted by tollx26 | 10 months ago
Who really won the Civil War?!?!!
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