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Retired Athletes

In December's Playboy,there was an article stating that 60% of NBA players are bankrupt within 5 years of retiring from the sport!!. 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or in financial stress within 2 years of retirement. That's unreal!!

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Comments (5)
Posted by fatcat | 6 years ago
That is unreal!! My thought is that most of them are very young, new to wealth, and completely unprepared for a life of fame and fortune. The NFL should offer a class on managing the wealth and fame so upon retirement they have their money invested, not spent and can readjust to being an ordinary person that can get a real job.
Posted by godux | 6 years ago
I'd lean toward wanting to see the stats on this and away from using Playboy as an information source for anything other than sex photograhy and air brush utilization. I'm sure that many players do get into financial trouble making iinvestments that have a longer term payment plan the the player has an NBA career but 60% percent seems pretty high.
Aside from my gut feeling to doubt this I'd wonder where they got such info in ths age of privacy protection. Maybe somebody spends most of his or her life reading negal notices or has a lot of sleezy agents in his or her friendship circle.
Sounds like stuff of urban legend to me.
Posted by TheSportsDude | 6 years ago
Its more they are dumb jocks who should of stayed in school. and learned to take of themselves.
Posted by DP55 | 6 years ago
Living beyond our means is a huge problem in this country and athletes are no exception.Using a credit card is in most cases is living beyond your means.I dont think things will change much in regards to this matter.
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
Since some people think that Playboy isn't credible.The HBO Sports series, "Real Sports" has an in-depth article on NFL players who squandered away the millions that they made as players.
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