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Nba dunk contest

The nba should retire the dunk contest.There is nothing to accomplish by continuing this competition,everything has been done and the nba weekend is becoming less and less popular.They should revise their events with some fresh new ideas!

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Comments (3)
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
Don't know why this is so popular except dunking is all that makes the highlights on ESPN. I enjoy it in a game but it still only counts for 2 points. The NBA in their infinite wisdom and power should come up with an alternative.......Blake Griffin wins!!
Posted by rickrude | 6 years ago
If anything maybe they should bring fresh ideas to the contest. Remember once upon a time this contest was the bomb but they made it stale. Get rid of the egos and biases and get it back to the art. But new ideas aren't at all bad either.
Posted by tollx26 | 3 years ago
They've run outta ways to dunk a basketball!!
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