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Where's Sarah??
What happen to Sarah Palin....wasn't she supposed to be a Republican candidate for the Presidency??
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Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "She is trying to move to Arizona so she can be around the lower 48 to make an impact. They finally realizied that from Alaska, most of the rest of the country won't get her message. She can't win anyway." MYT
Posted by rdonlove | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "I hope not, I don't think she can win. I will support her if she is nominated but we need to have a runner that can win. I dont know yet who it is." MYT
Posted by asapReps | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "Maybe she's hoping for another VP nomination?" MYT
Posted by Van_The_Man | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "Good woman, bad politician." MYT
Posted by TOPGUN23 ! | 4 months ago
Here's My Take: "She is trailer trash. She has both feet in her mouth and her head up her ass ! She has a severe case of mental republiTARDATION !" MYT
Posted by rpcdmu2 | 11 months ago
Here's My Take: "Maybe next year!" MYT
Posted by godux | 11 months ago
Here's My Take: "to Arizona from Alaska shows a lack of good judgement" MYT
Posted by TheSportsDude | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "She was too busy bs's everbody." MYT
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