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Ohio State Butt-Guys
Ohio State Butt-Guys must vacate the entire last years' season.(Football). Tressel knew in ADVANCE of the season what those players had done. He did nothing. He said nothing. Fire his lying, cheating ass and vacate the whole season, Butt-Guys!
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Posted by godux | 3 months ago
Here's My Take: "business as usual" MYT
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 2 years ago
Here's My Take: "Sandusky would have been a perfect fit for the butt-guys." MYT
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Poor Ohio sympathy here." MYT
Posted by tmongoose | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "the cheaters from ohio are at it again. 2 games? yea whatever the ncaa is up their butt. hope they keep investigating and keep digging up more dirt." MYT
Posted by bevdavis088 | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "WHAT CAN BE SAID?" MYT
Posted by nanoplay | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "duke will take it down." MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "True DP...but it's Apples and Tomatoes .....and Tressel is a rotting tomato, mentor of youith ... and has a new book out based on Truth, Faith and Discipline!!" MYT
Posted by | 3 years ago

Here's My Take: "Those kids are adults..Tressel didnt twist their arm to trade a tattoo for merchandise.He just wasnt forthcoming with the truth after he learned about it.Tressel didnt raise those kids into adulthood hes no substitute for a good parent.Since everybody on this planet is a sinner a "truth,faith and discipline"title would sound hypocritical for priceless if Lance Armstong or Barry bonds came out with one.If people want to read about truth,faith and discipline open The King James Version of the Bible and read away!" MYT

Posted by robkadena | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Bring back Woody Hayes!" MYT
Posted by DP55 | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Tressels 9and 1 against Michigan thats all that matters.Pretty sure youve lied and cheated in your lifetime!" MYT
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