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Innocent Libyans are being killed by an American lead armada of Tomahawk missiles. I understand war and war's principal but how in the world is our military support for rebels who don't want to spend another minute under the leadership of their chosen leader our problem?? ANSWER>> IT'S NOT!!
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Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Damn conspiracy theorist....Go perdict the end of the world. You''d have better luck." MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Whadda you watching Al-Jazeerah?!?" MYT
Posted by TheMockingbird | 6 years ago

Here's My Take: "A person, regardless of what he's done in this world is a creation of God Almighty, not God the wishy washy!! You all are looking at Libya and the Middle East as the pariah of the world when in actuality is seat of creation. If you are not a Christian, you may have some other view, I personally don't care. Confusion is not my language. If you want to listen to a bunch of hot air like the rest of America.. Go and visit the Red Dragon's country.. China. While he turned your head and pointed you to other instances of perceived evil in the world, China took your money and prosperity not to mention your ability to reason what is true and what is false.. So go watch a video of innocent people being murdered and think to yourself what a wonderful world community I belong to.." MYT

Posted by Van_The_Man | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "America is NOT leading the armada. We joined in at the urging of France and England." MYT
Posted by rpcdmu2 | 2 years ago
Here's My Take: "What is the Answer?" MYT
Posted by godux | 2 years ago
Here's My Take: "huh?" MYT
Posted by dr_domy | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "If you think America is slaughtering innocent lybians now, just wait until the people try to take back the US. Then you will see a wholesale slaughter." MYT
Posted by TheSportsDude | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Say what?" MYT
Posted by DP55 | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Wup China and Russias people are taking to the streets demanding democracy and civil rights...time to invade them and spread democracy against our #1 enemy communism!Those people want democracy why are we focusing only on countries with oil.Liars!" MYT
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